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The smart grid means data. Lots of data. The massive amounts of data that your analytical mind likely dreams about. And our clients need you to tame it for them, to make sense of it, to translate it into crystal-clear evaluations and actionable plans for the future.

Maybe they need your help assessing the impact of pricing plans and incentive programs. Maybe they need your help supporting operational forecasting for the next few hours or budget forecasting for the next 15 years. But if you’re up to the challenge, what’s clear is they need you. Which means we all need you.

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Without exaggeration, building the smart grid is one of the most formidable and critical missions facing us in the 21st century. At stake is nothing less than our way of life. To preserve it we must not only develop new technologies, but also bring together a vast array of existing ones to create a far greater whole.

We need integrative thinkers and problem solvers ready to take on monumental engineering, technical and cultural challenges. You’ll deal with everything from energy efficiency and data management to the stability and security of the grid. And you’ll specialize in breaking down boundaries, whether it’s pushing internal collaboration, driving interoperability, or working with utilities and other partners to redefine the customer relationship and engage consumers in the daily challenge of ensuring a sustainable future.

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If you’re looking for a place where you can make things happen – for yourself and others – you’ve found it. We’re not only driving progress toward a sustainable future, we’re also pursuing aggressive growth.

As part of the core of our organization, you’ll be at the forefront of the global energy and water industry as it experiences revolutionary change. You’ll have access to the latest technology. You’ll be among others looking to make an impact and do something important. And you’ll have opportunity for the taking.

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If there’s an RF design issue you’d like to tackle, you’ll likely find it at Itron. From squeezing multiple radios into single systems, to identifying the ideal modulation scheme for optimum power consumption, to solving for propagation issues, challenges abound.

And don’t forget the fact that demand couldn’t be higher for low-cost designs with embedded antennas that perform like external ones. With larger utilities requiring millions of components, efficiencies add up quickly and ultimately benefit citizens, governments and communities worldwide.

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We are at a crossroads of rare significance. As the global energy and water industry seeks the path to achieve long-term resource sustainability, we too must complete the transformation of how we’re perceived, from endpoint provider to solutions partner.

Calling upon your experience with enterprise or utility solutions, you’ll work closely with our utility customers and our system integration and technology partners. You’ll define multi-year technical roadmaps and business strategies. You’ll sell solutions that can be deployed now. And you’ll provide the long-term vision of how our customers can deliver on the promise of a sustainable future.

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Obviously, without the best industrial facilities, none of our industry-leading hardware technology would be possible. Working to shape manufacturing at Itron, you’ll handle both day-to-day fine-tuning and long-term planning to ensure our products and processes are nothing short of exquisite.

Still undergoing a dramatic revolution, our industry is starting to produce output closer to consumer electronics, with high-tech components and shorter lifecycles. Collaborating closely with R&D, product management and other groups, you’ll be at the beating heart of our organization as we drive the industry and a sustainable future forward.

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Product management at Itron is about longevity. Our products last 15, 20, maybe even 30 years. As the industry leader, we have long-standing relationships with many of our clients, some of whom have been in business for more than a century.

This mature industry, however, is undergoing revolutionary change. So you’ll be working closely with communicative and cooperative clients to ensure our solutions meet their needs. And you’ll be guiding the development of the new products and systems that will function for decades as the groundwork that makes the smart gird and a sustainable future a reality.

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The forefront of a rapidly evolving global industry is a good place to find interesting work. We deliver both mature and new products, providing a range of paces, but either way you’ll be working to connect the world, make data usable and tackle some serious performance-based challenges. Needless to say, when you’re collecting data from millions of points, every second counts.

Tasked with bending a wide variety of technologies to your will, jumping on new market trends and working with people around the world, you’ll have no trouble keeping your skills sharp. And all the while you’ll be making a healthy, comfortable and sustainable future possible.

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The utility industry is undergoing dramatic change, providing fertile territory for the development of brand new approaches to how we manage our energy and water resources. In R&D at Itron, you’ll be tasked with creating original solutions capable of leading the entire industry forward.

With a product life cycle that has shrunk from 20 to 5-10 years, and a wide variety of projects, you’ll be continually challenged. Exploring data communication systems, tackling broad scalability and working within strict efficiency requirements are standard fare. Not to mention you’ll be at the forefront of a transition from industrial solutions to those more in line with consumer expectations.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll be working on commoditized metering technology. The age of the smart grid has arrived and now’s the time to make your mark. We’re only in the early stages of this revolution and the future has yet to be written.

Embedded systems have never been more prevalent and your skills never more in demand. You’ll be challenged to tackle security issues and push the limits of how much data can be moved over tiny RF pipelines. But you’ll also be asked to imagine the future of home area networks and widespread interoperability. And then, of course, you’ll be asked to make it happen.

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Beginning your career at Itron puts you at the forefront of an enormous industry undergoing revolutionary change. You’ll travel with a global leader, interacting with clients and partners and putting your technical aptitude and business acumen to the test. As you do, you’ll learn the rapidly evolving – and increasingly critical – world of resource distribution and management.

Every day, you’ll see any number of paths for your career. And every day you’ll support the implementation of the systems, networks and services that make daily life and a sustainable future possible.

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We can produce all the future-building technology we want, but it doesn’t do any good until it’s deployed. That’s where you come in and it’s no easy task. The solutions we implement are massive, complicated projects that represent dramatic change for our clients. We need leaders in the field who can be equal parts technical lead, business consultant and organizational psychologist.

Working closely with our clients, you’ll need to be at your best at all times. But with your energy, quick thinking and passion, you’ll certainly enjoy the nonstop adrenaline rush. You can’t let the daily rollercoaster stand in the way of deliverables, after all – not with a sustainable future at stake.

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No matter how solid the construction or clean the code, issues arise. Clients ask questions. Problems develop. Bugs appear. In Support Services, you’ll be part of the special team with the technical mastery, quick minds and nerves of steel necessary to handle whatever gets thrown their way.

With hardware and software technology deployed and being deployed in support of the world’s energy and water utilities, even a small breakdown is critical to someone. Do you have what it takes to come to the rescue?

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